An Ode to Toyfare Magazine

It's 2020, we're quarantined at home during the Covid-19 crisis. When organising clothes with my fiancee at home, she insisted on folding them like Marie Kondo would. Marie's motto for making space was to remove things from your environment that do not spark joy. That very sentence brought me back to fond memories of Toyfare magazine; I had read toy magazines before, but none were as full of character, humour and intrigue as Toyfare.

I climbed into the loft and dragged out a long comic box full of treasure from my childhood and teenage years. Issues of Toyfare spanning 1998 to 2010. In the early days of the internet, before it became the news mechanism we now know, this magazine showed me toy wonders from all over the world. What figures were sought after and cool, and what I could think about having, even if I didn't have my own money to make that happen.

Each month, long before the age of social media, the Incoming! section would show us magnificent new figures due for release. There was something about seeing the ne