Asteroid M's Top 10 Most Wanted Marvel Legends!

I, like you, love Marvel Legends! Everyone loves a wishlist, so here is my top 10 most wanted Marvel Legends!

10. John Greycrow (Scalphunter)

If you've not read Zeb Wells' Hellions, you are truly missing out!

A group of misfit and C-list (or lower) mutants bound together under the leadership of Mr Sinister, sounds mad doesn't it? It is!

A former member of Sinister's villanous Marauders, John Greycrow (thankfully dropping the name Scalphunter) was perpetually cloned after numeral deaths. He was the only one of the Marauders to accept the invitation to live on Krakoa, and has saw amazing character growth since, to the point that you actually like him now.

He obviously has one of the cooler designs of the Marauder's and would open the doors for Hasbro to make more Hellions or even Sinister's Marauders!


9. Hawkeye (Matt Fraction run)

The costume which became the definitive look for Hawkeye over the last decade (thanks to influence from the Ultimates and the MCU, no doubt). A simple costume that works for the character.

Sure we got a similar version of this suit back in 2013, but sculpts have improved, and we need one that actually fits the more casual nature of the attire. The previous version looked almost like a rubbery superhero costume, when in actuality, he wears a t-shirt and chinos.

Let's reflect that with something modern, maybe with the pinless technology that's knocking about these days!

Maybe once this in the wild, it opens up options for the greatest army builder of all: the tracksuit mafia, bro!


8. Wasp (Nadia Pym)

Mark Waid's Avengers run has been the source of much "borrowing" in the recent Disney+ shows, and it was in that run that Hank Pym's estranged Russian daughter (with Hank's first wife Maria) shone as the youth perspective of the team, so like, cool! (Do kids talk like that?)

She is actually the last member we need Hasbro to make to round out that Avengers squad! Marvel even mocked up an action figure of her for their action figure variant to Unstoppable Wasp #1

Obviously this is a cool design (the best Wasp costume??) and big Avengers name, my current wish is that they make this figure for the inevitable Ant-Man and Wasp Quantumania wave!


7. Generation X (M/Husk/Jubilee)

That New Mutants figure was a great idea right?

One base figure, 3 different heads... buy 3 and instantly fill out your team using only one slot in a wave or one exclusive figure! So why not apply that to a Generation X figure?

Husk, M and Jubilee all share practically the same costume (in the 90s version of the team), so just give us the red uniform and include a head and hands for each! Easy! If Hasbro wanted to be really nice, they could include torn skin effects for Husk, or firework effects for Jubilee.

Once we had this figure, maybe it would push Hasbro to do a modern version of M, and Synch in both classic and current versions (I could be too much of a dreamer here!) Wouldn't mind a Banshee in his Gen X costume too, for the record...


6. She-Hulk (Fantastic Four)

The original version of this is one of Hasbro's most elusive figures as it was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive back in 2007!

The most iconic substitute member of the Fantastic Four, in arguably her best costume.

It would be pretty clever of Hasbro to fill out another Fantastic Four wave with substitute members instead of the main team: She-Thing, She-Hulk, Maker (Ultimate Reed Richards), Jim Hammond Human Torch, what do you think?


5. Crimson Dynamo (Dmitri Bukharin)

I'm gonna say it. That Crimson Dynamo BAF we got is not a great design or character. It was based on the short lived 8th Crimson Dynamo: Gennady Gavrilov, a student who found one of Anton Vanko's unfinished projects and inadvertently caused the armour to go on a rampage through Russia.

No, what we really want is a classic armour! Hasbro did do the ideal Dynamo, in their 3.75" Iron Man 2 toyline, based on Yuri Petrovich/Dmitri Bukharin's armour! Dmitri was the longest standing Dynamo, and wore the armour through some of Iron Man's biggest classic stories like Demon in the Bottle and Armor Wars!

I fear our window may have lapsed now that Black Widow has been released, but I still hold hope. Worst comes to worst, maybe Diamond Select will hook us up with an in-scale armour like their incredible looking Titanium Man!


4. Blue Marvel (Ultimates)

The coolest 87 year old in the Marvel Universe, Adam Brashear AKA Blue Marvel is a superhero who has existed for years in secret, but ranks amongst the most powerful in the Marvel U.

After Jonathan Hickman's universe resetting Secret Wars, Blue Marvel led a new version of the Ultimates, an impossibly strong team who dealt with Ultimate problems, such as the first arc's Galactus.

I have a feeling that Hasbro's next Haslab project will be Galactus, and a further feeling that Blue Marvel may be a stretch goal for that, which would be cool, but also sad for people unable to back the project.

If we get Blue Marvel, then the only other figure we would need to round out the Ultimate's Squad would be America Chavez, who seems inevitable in one form or another with her upcoming MCU appearance.


3. Exodus

Smashing Blue Marvel's age out of the water, Exodus was born in the 12th century! Magneto's most loyal acolyte and now member of Krakoa's Quiet Council, an omega level mutant with the powers of telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, durability, immortality, regeneration and healing. Not many then!

Hasbro could drop my guy in any X-Men wave to much fanfare around the world. The people would cheer in the streets (probably). Surely this guy is inevitable now as one of the main X-villains yet to see release in figure form!


2. Hyperion (Secret Wars)

Hyperion's last figure release reaches astronomical prices on the secondary market, and that wasn't even the best "variant"(to use a current trend) of Hyperion out there.

That honour is reserved for Thor's "bro" from Hickman's Avengers run. Saved from a dying universe by AIM and their (recently released) Scientist Supreme Andrew Forson, Hyperion found his place amongst Earths Mightiest Heroes and showed truly why he was Marvel's prime Superman!

If Hasbro wanted to cheap out, I would accept this as a retro release or repaint, but he'd ideally be put on one of the more recent bulky bodies. Give us a bearded and regular head so we can display him with Odinson from their squad during the Time Runs Out arc to really deliver the best Hyperion!


1. Storm (X-Men Red / House of X)

Making it's debut in Tom Taylor's X-Men Red, Storm's most recent costume is simultaneously modern and classic, and in my opinion, her best outfit ever, even exceeding the 90s white/silver/black effort and her classic costume (both amazing). Like Exodus, Storm is a member of the Quiet Council of Krakoa and one of the most important characters in X-Men full stop.

Storm has a BIG year ahead in comics, but our House of X displays are sorely lacking without Ororo in them.

Hasbro have said they are done with themed waves after the next Age of Apocalypse wave is released, however that doesn't mean we won't get mixed X-Men waves with characters from various X properties (a much better prospect from a sales point of view), so I'd love to see her in the next non-descrip X-wave please! Thanks!




These figure suggestions didn't make our Top 10 for various reasons, but mainly because they'd be easy targets for future retro wave or single card releases for Hasbro!

Mr Sinister (Hellions/House of X)

New head added to existing figure, repaint the old figure black. Easy. If Hasbro wanted to get fancy they could include Sinister's alt red make-shift cape and alternate head from the Hellions #13 cover.

US Agent

Most of the figures from the image on the right have had recent releases, but a comic US Agent hasn't been seen since the Epic Heroes days of Marvel Legends. Expensive AF for collectors now, a simple repaint of the last Retro Cap release with a new head would do nicely, thanks.

Elsa Bloodstone/Monica Rambeau (Nextwave)

Repaints and reissues for Elsa Bloodstone and Monica Rambeau in their Nextwave colour schemes would be a great way for new collectors to get in on the act and fill out their Nextwave team, especially now that the Captain has been revealed with that new MODOK. It might even incentivise people to buy that unusual set where people might be on the fence!


So, what do you think of this top 10 wants list? Who would you add? Who would you remove? Is there another version of these characters you'd like to see more?

Thanks for reading!

- Day

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