Costume Evolution: Cyclops

Over the years superheroes tend to go through many costume changes; the X-Men are no stranger to these refreshes. Cyclops, their sometimes boy scout, sometimes bad ass leader is the subject of today's costume evolution series.

#1 Origins

Cyclop’s original costume was the same as the rest of the X-Men’s uniform. Classic yellow and black/blue. The design included an overhead cowl and a simple visor without the elegance of later designs.

#2 Individual

The X-Men were allowed to choose their own individual costume for good performance and Scott chose to drop the yellow from his torso, but otherwise keep the design very similar to the original. This ties in with Cyclops rigid, teachers pet personality of the time.

#3 X-Factor

The original 5 X-Men formed X-Factor, posing to the public as human mutant hunters. In actuality they were helping the mutants they captured to control their powers and integrate within society.

Cyclops dropped the frills from his boots and the yellow budgie smugglers, opting for a gigantic yellow X extending across his torso and onto his shoulders and thighs.

#4 Just For Frills

When X-Factor dropped the mutant hunter angle after realising it did more harm than good (obv.), they once again updated uniforms.

Cyclops swapped the yellow X for a white one, which now extended to his gloves. He brought the frills back on his boots and gloves, and added a white line across the top of his lighter blue cowl.

#5 Iconic

Probably Cyclops most beloved and iconic costume. This classic debuted in the 90s and ruled comics and kids TV with the classic animated X-Men series.

This shared many elements with his second costume; yellow boots, briefs and gloves over a blue jumpsuit, only gone were the frills and in were straps. He also wore an Inexplicably cool body harness and belt with many pouches. Finally, the top of the cowl was removed, allowing Cyclops hair to flow in the wind. 

#6 Merger

During ““The Twelve” storyline, Cyclops merged with Apocalypse. The result was a torn blue jumpsuit, with mutant tubing growing from his flesh, as well as the visor seemingly merging with his face... making him a literal Cyclops. Fun times.

#7 Movie Stars

The X-Men movie was a sensation, and the black leather look inspired the comics. We saw out the 90s in the Eve of Destruction storyline.

Cyclops outfit was similar to a leather biker outfit in appearance, all black with pockets and the traditional “X” on the chest and belt.

#8 Matching Outfits

When Grant Morrison took the reigns, his New X-Men wore matching leather jackets with a giant yellow X across the body.

Cyclops kept the leather pants but wore a ridged black sweater and black gloves with an X on the back.

#9 Astonish

After a fantastic run on X-Men, Grant Morrison handed the reigns to Josh Whedon, whose X-Men’s goal was to Astonish. Back to individual costumes, Cyclops opts for a full dark blue body suit with full cowl, yellow gauntlets, belt and trim down the torso with a cool silver visor. Gone is the goody goody of the 60s. This is the start of Cyclops path to being something totally different.

#10 Some Tweaks

Upon executing his master plan to convert Magnetos old base (Asteroid M - wheeey) as a mutant Utopia, Cyclops tweaks his uniform; the gauntlets go further up his forearm, the trim extends over 1 shoulder and the X logo is placed over his heart.

#11 Jackson Five

During the Avengers VS X-Men crossover event, Cyclops, Magik, Emma Frost, Colossus and Namor were imbued with the power of the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix.

Cyclops uniform was an all black body suit with a ruby coloured Phoenix emblem across his chest and shoulders. His visor was shaped like a beak.

The Phoenix Five eventually crumbled as they began to steal power from each other, increasing their individual strength.

#12 Dark Phoenix

Cyclops ended up as the sole wielder of the Phoenix Force and the corruption of the force led him to kill his father figure: Professor X.

In this form, Cyclops wears a crimson body suit, with a sparking phoenix emblem made of energy on his chest. He has 2 glowing red eyes and is encased in fire (sweet).

#12 Punishment

After being defeated by Scarlet Witch and Hope, Cyclops is put in prison and punished by being put in the most stupid costume in history.

An orange jumpsuit, and a silver helmet with two massive red lenses. As mutants begin to reappear all over the planet, (thanks to Hope), Cyclops decides that all the bad he did was justified because mutants have returned.

#13 Revolutionary

The next step in Cyclops evolution was to become a revolutionary. For years he had slowing been removing the layers of his "by the rules" image and now he'd killed his mentor.

His costume remained a full black body suit, this time with red trim across the torso and legs, as well as a red X, replacing his visor across his face.

Cyclops powers were faulty at the time due to the residual effects of the Phoenix Force, making for some interesting displays of power.

#14  Secret Wars - Phoenix Egg

During the Marvel Mega-Event; Secret Wars (one of our personal favourite all-time stories), Cyclops reveals a Phoenix Egg and once again bonds with the Phoenix Force.

His outfit is similar to his revolutionary costume, but with more white elements including his mask and legs.

Despite being one of the most powerful entities in existence, he is easily dispensed of by God Emperor Doom.

In the climax of the story, Earth is reset and Cyclops returns to his revolutionary costume, but succumbs to Terrigen Poisoning soon after. Unlucky lad.

#15 Return of the Mack

Using the classic X-Men story device of time travel, a younger version of Cable (Cyclops son who was raised in the future and is now older than Cyclops; complicated, I know) obtains a device that stored a small portion of the Phoenix's energy and uses it to revive Cyclops.

He died with regrets of the bad deeds he had committed and wanted to be a hero again. Joining forces with the also newly revived Wolverine, the pair find some old costumes and go about saving the X-Men.

Cyclops finds the fan favourite costume from the 90s, this time with a silver visor instead of yellow.

#16 House of X

House of X/Powers of X injected life into the X-Men series, taking the island of Krakoa and tying it more closely to mutants than ever before.

The characters and relationships of interacting powers are explored in the most exciting way, with an undertone that something isn't quite right, giving a fresh feel to the X-Men.

Cyclops is back to almost full boy scout, but not in a bad way.

His costume is a palette change of his revolutionary costume (albeit with thicker trim lines). The silver visor is also back, replacing the red X cowl.

Strangest of all, he seems to be in a willing three-way relationship with ex-wife Jean Grey and Wolverine.

So, which was your favourite Cyclops costume? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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