Is This How The X-Men Will Enter The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

If you wanted to start reading X-Men, House of X/Powers of X is the perfect starting point. Unlike the previous #1s before that promised a new beginning, this is a genuine, game changing new frontier and almost inevitable basis for their eventual MCU debut (Jonathan Hickman's concepts have been used in the MCU before; the Black Order plucked right from his incredible Avengers run).

A grandiose and powerful introduction, Xavier realises the dream of co-existing with humans is futile and realises that together with Magneto they must embrace a new ideology. They offer humanity powerful life improving drugs, in return, they require not money, but that the nations of Earth recognise Krakoa; mutants new home, as a sovereign nation. This feels like the emergence of mutants for the first time, and would translate perfectly on screen. We've saw similar concepts for the mutants before in the comics (Genosha, Utopia) but this is the first time it feels lasting, with mutants creating a distinct culture; even created a mutant language, psychically imprinted on all mutants upon arrival to Krakoa. Krakoa a literal paradise, growing habitats and food for mutants and helping them flourish. Like the X-Men of the 60s, House of X explores civil rights in a contemporary setting.

The stage is set impeccably with seeds laid that (knowing how Hickman writes) will blossom ov