New Comics August 2021

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DC Solicitations will follow at a later date!

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X-Factor has ended, but Leah Williams is taking the reigns of this new, mysterious X-title!


The fantastic new X-Men team (what a line up!) defend Earth from all kinds of madness, by the sounds of it!


Banshee & Tempo lost the X-Men team fan vote, but they're landed on their feet in Marauders!


Legendary writer John Ridley's Black Panther run starts here!


Al Ewing is writing this. Need I say more?


The cover has strong DBZ vibes, the book inside is written by the fantastic Kyle Higgins, who is currently writing gold in Radiant Black


WORLD WAR SHE-HULK Continues! They love reusing these event names, but this looks nothing like it's namesake!


Issue 2 of the prequel to Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe show, a must-have for fans of He-Man!


The previous Warhammer 40K Marvel comic was one of our most popular books! This looks just as exciting!


If covers alone sold books, this would sell thousands. For the record, Thor has consistently been excellent!


It's the second-to-last issue of Immortal Hulk. I'm not crying, you're crying!


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