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So you've decided you want to take advantage of Asteroid M's comic book standing order service?

We offer same day dispatch with fast delivery options around the UK, and in Liverpool (L1 - L26 postcodes) we offer an early delivery service on New Comic Book Day, meaning you can have your new books delivered straight to your door (bagged and boarded) before 8am! That means you can read the latest issue of X-Men with your breakfast, or maybe catch up with Superman on the bus to work!


In an effort to ensure you guys get all of the books you want, and to make it easier for you to keep your pull list in order, we are partnering with

League of Comic Geeks is host to the most cohesive list of new comics due out each week, allowing you to cycle weeks and even months into the future and subscribe to the books you would like to collect! The best thing about it? Once connected to our store, we receive your list directly, and receive any changes you make to your standing order! Easy, right?


So how do I set it up?

1: First, head over to and sign up! Once logged in, you can click the New Comics list and begin to browse!

2: You can use the icon highlighted below to bring up a filter, here you can add or remove publishers, choose whether to include trades, and also choose to organise the list in alphabetical order, or by what's the most popular!

You can also tab forwards or backwards in time and see what's coming out in the future. To guarantee your comic, it's best to inform us of your interest one month before it's release, but more often than not we are able to order them (if we haven't already) 9 days before release!

3: If you see a book you would like to collect, click Pull Series, then Save & Close. Repeat until you've added all of the books you find interesting! This system is great because it allows you to keep track of what's due out each week, we even use it ourselves!

Click the icon on the bottom left to pull up your profile page, the top right menu will bring up your Pull List options.

4: Click Subscriptions from your Pull List menu, then click Browse your local stores.

5: Enter L15 into the postcode area and search, the Asteroid M office will show up! Click the circular icon, fill in your details and Accept & Connect. That's it! We will receive your list and can observe any changes you make! You now have a list you can easily add to at your own leisure!


Thanks to everyone, existing customers and new for supporting our small business! Here's to a bright 2021!

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

- Day

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