So Who Are These Marvel Legends Figures? House of X Wave

One thing we notice quite a lot online, is that not all collectors of Hasbro's Marvel Legends line are fully versed in the characters that feature in the latest wave of action figures, and that's ok, because we're here to help!

In part 1 of this series, we're going to look at the latest X-Men wave, the Tri-Sentinel Build-A-Figure wave. This entire wave is based on Jonathan Hickman's reinvigorating run on X-Men that began with House of X / Powers of X (the X being the roman numeral for 10).


First up we're going to look at Wolverine.

In Matthew Rosenberg's run on Uncanny X-Men, which ended just before House of X (HoX), Wolverine returned to his classic brown costume. HoX saw that costume get some tweaks, giving it a modern look.

We were always going to get a Wolverine in the House of X wave and this one is very welcome as the sculpt and build of the figure are perfect for the character and matches the artwork in the books.

His head is sculpted with a grin, based on the above left (stupidly controversial) panel.

He includes an alternate head from Wolverine's appearance in Powers of X as part of the X-Men Year One Hundred (the same timeline the BAF Tri-Sentinel is from).


Next up is Cyclops!

Without spoiling anything about this amazing story, the X-Men are now able to be the best version of themselves. That means that edgy / revolutionary Cyclops is out and heroic boy scout / brilliant military leader Cyclops is in!

Back in a symbolically more heroic blue costume, Cyclops also wears a set of hefty gauntlets, which are a little bit more prominent in the Marvel Legends figure than they are in the comics, the colour of which varies from artist to artist.


Professor X had previously been killed by the above boy scout when corrupted by the Phoenix force, but was returned to life when it was revealed that his astral form had lived on as a prisoner of the Shadow King. As part of a small team of X-Men who enter the astral plane, Fantomex sacrifices his own life to allow Professor X to return to the living world in his body. Fast forward to House of X, the Professor's dream of peaceful coexistence with humans has changed and with Magneto and Moira, a sovereign nation for mutants is forged.

Xavier now wears a full black spandex suit, is in peak physical condition, and of course can walk again. His face is mainly covered with a new version of the Cerebro helmet that is worn at all times. Like Cyclops, the Professor is now the best version of himself. This is all elaborated on in HoX, so we won't spoil what is truly a spectacular explanation.


Magneto has been an ally of the X-Men for over 10 (of our) years now, supporting the revolutionary Cyclops, and now reunited with his friend Charles Xavier, to forge a new dream they both believe in.

Magneto has seen quite a few costume changes over that time, from his classic red/purple costume, a sleeveless white costume with black trim, an inverted version of the white costume and a black and red outfit he wore with his Uncanny X-Men team and beyond (which we got as a Legends figure in 2018). The House of X version is a modernised version of his sleeveless white number, this time with sleeves and his iconic metallic chest/neck piece. Magneto's character in HoX is, as always, powerful, unyielding and nurturing towards mutants.


Moira McTaggart has been dead for years, that is, of course until Jonathan Hickman comes along with the craziest, game changing retcon in years... something revealed to Xavier at the end of the first issue, which really is the heart of the House of X / Powers of X story. The figure comes with plenty of swappable parts, meaning you can have a figure of Moira from Year One of the X-Men, or you can have Moira from a different point in her life, ready to do what she does best: genetic science!

Or at least we thought that's what she does best...


Jean Grey is another X-Man who had been dead, but returned prior to HoX. She was returned to life by the Phoenix force who essentially just fancied having their old host back. Jean led the X-Men Red team, who sought to combat anti-mutant sentiment and establish a safe home for mutants.

HoX saw Jean return to her classic Marvel Girl costume and rekindled her relationship with Cyclops and Wolverine. It seems it's a new world and mutants are above petty human sentiments such as monogamy and ownership.

The figure is pretty faithful to the HoX design, with what appears to be new hidden articulation points. She also includes the Krakoan flower that's planted on the blue area moon in the first few pages of the book.


Karima Shapandar was originally one of Bastion's Omega Sentinels: humans unaware they are infected with sentinel programming that can activate when there are mutants nearby. She was eventually deprogrammed by Xavier and Magneto, and became a police officer on Genosha. Later she is recruited into the X-Men to combat the Children of the Vault (who are due back soon in Hickman's X-Men) and from there becomes part of the team.

During the Second Coming story, Omega Sentinel's programming reactivates and she struggles to resist. Her human side convinces Hellion to put her out of her misery and he puts her in a coma. She is rebuilt again following this and leaves to hopefully become a police officer again.

Somewhere between that point and HoX, Karima has become less and less human, now fully identifying as an Omega Sentinel and working with the human clandestine group ORCHIS with the goal of mutant destruction and human survival.

The figure thankfully comes with her modern HoX/PoX look, but also includes her earlier, armoured up look from the X-Men Supernova's story and beyond. The hair is painted the wrong colour, but the sculpt looks great! She also includes swappable gun hands. Braap.


The Tri-Sentinel Build-A-Figure was an unexpected choice of build-a-figure, appearing only in a few panels and variant covers for House of X / Powers of X. It's also not a Tri-Sentinel at all, according to artist RB Silva's design sheets, it's a Theta Sentinel.

The Theta Sentinel operates in Year One Hundred under Nimrod the Lesser, who got released earlier this year in an Amazon exclusive 3 pack.


So, what do you think of this wave? Have you read House of X / Powers of X? Are there any characters you want to see that go well with this wave? (*Cough* Cardinal *cough* Rasputin *cough*)

You can pre-order the Marvel Legends House of X wave here, and if you want to read further, you can grab House of X / Powers of X TPB here. The continuing X-Men run is so far collected in X-Men by Jonathan Hickman Volume 1 (here) and Volume 2 (here).

Thanks for reading!

- Day

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