The Top 3 Bingeworthy Animated Series You Might Have Missed

Like me, you may have had a lot of time over the last few months to catch up on things you missed, or may never have even considered. Here's our list of animated series we're glad we got the time to watch!


3) Castlevania (Netflix) - 3 Seasons

Dracula from Castlevania (Netflix)
Dracula from Castlevania (Netflix)

For whatever reason, the game 'Castlevania' never made it onto my childhood radar and because of that, I had never realised it's impact on the culture. The anime started in 2017 and follows the path set out in the Castlevania 3 video game; Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Alucard defending humanity against Dracula's revenge on the humans for killing his human wife. This is a gruesome and action packed series featuring creatures of the night, blood, gore and a surprisingly deep storyline investigating human nature. Season 3, in my opinion was even better and switches focus a little, while exploring the complexities of the theme. The seasons are quite short but leave you wanting more! Here's to season 4!


2) Avatar - The Last Airbender (Netflix) - 3 Seasons

Avatar Aang Throws a Crackin' Punch
Avatar Aang Throws a Crackin' Punch

I have memories of having this on in the background while sitting at my PC in my early 20's. I always enjoyed it, but never watched it episode to episode, so never really followed the storyline. 15 years later, I watched the whole thing in about a week and LOVED it. While it starts off slow, the world gradually brings you in and before you know it, you're hooked. Its charming characters, beautiful scenery and interesting creatures (turtle ducks anyone?) drive the appeal of the show.

The story follows Aang, the current Avatar and mediator between the human and spirit worlds, who is destined to bring balance to the planet by wielding the 4 elements and stopping the conquest of the mad Fire Lord. Don't worry, Aang has the help of the friends he meets along the way who help him master the elements. Drawing on Chinese mythology and having many parallels to Star Wars, The Last Airbender is a great show for all ages with superb animation and fight choreography.

If, like me, you hunger for more after you finish, Dark Horse have released several graphic novels, which continue Aang's story. There is also The Legend of Korra; the astonishingly gorgeous animated sequel to Avatar, set many years later which follows the next in the line of Avatars. The Legend of Korra is currently available on Amazon Prime, but is due on Netflix by the end of the month (in the US at least).


1) My Hero Academia (Crunchyroll) - 3 Seasons

Bakugo & Deku Ready For Action

Japan's ode to superheroes, in a world where most of the population are born with super powers, or "quirks", My Hero Academia (MHA) follows the students of Class 1-A as they embark on their training to be like the world's greatest super hero ALL MIGHT. Not least of these is Izuku Midoriya, All Might's biggest fan, who was unlucky enough to be born without a quirk.

Filled with a huge cast of genuinely loveable characters, beautiful animation and some of the wackiest powers you could think of (a girl who has headphone jacks dangling from her earlobes), MHA pushes the boundaries of the super hero genre and has some of the most creative applications of generic powers I have ever seen. A delight to watch, I would recommend this show to any fan of anime or superheroes.

Season 3 ends on an absolute cliffhanger, if you're thirsty like me, and can't wait, you can read what happens next in the My Hero Academia Manga volume 21 onwards.


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